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Benefits of Project Management Training

Benefits of Project Management Training

Here are some of the benefits of professional project management training for senior managers, functional managers, stakeholders, project managers and teams:

Senior Managers can benefit from better use of company resources, more attention to risk management, better project cost and schedule estimating and better project monitoring and control. Conducting Project Audits and Health Checks helps senior managers to pin-point the core reasons for lack of project success, enabling them to immediately put in place actions which will improve project performance. This all can be achieved with Project Management Training.

Functional Managers can benefit from the improvements in processes realized through project management and better allocation of resources—both people and monetary—as well as expansion of the organizational retained best practices. Better utilization of resources and improved systems of tracking the allocation of their resources across a number of projects helps improve staff efficiency and effectiveness. This all can be achieved with Project Management Training.

Stakeholders receive earlier notice to “red flags” or project problems that may be indicators of more trouble to come as well as better quality planning, quality assurance processes and quality acceptance steps, which are critical in today’s competitive and transparent vigilante consumer environment. Additionally stakeholders are able to better contain costs, scheduling and budgeting with professional project management. Project risk assessments such as a Project Audit or Health Check help to identify the early warning signs of potential problems which might affect stakeholders, ensuring they put in place contingencies to better manage these risks, reducing any negative impact on their key customers. This all can be achieved with Project Management Training.

Project Managers and Team members experience much improved productivity of work by applying soundproject planning processes. This is a result of clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities, better definition of their work requirements and less rework. Team work also provides each individual the freedom to focus on the activities most aligned with their talents and passion. They’ll experience a reduction in stress and increase in a sense of control over what has to be done, why it has to be done and by when.  This all can be achieved with Project Management Training.


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