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TRAINYOUCAN and the group members cannot guarantee the period for certification after submission of your final POE. (Portfolio of Evidence.)

Currently our average turn around time, (not guaranteed time) is between 4 to 8 weeks after submitting your final POE.

The process that is followed according to the ETDP Verification POLICY.

  1. Your POE is received by our helpdesk and the learner received instant SMS + Email confirmation of receipt.
  2. The Assessor assess the POE and provide feedback directly through our helpdesk to the learner.
  3. Once found competent, the learner is notified of all the processes to follow through our helpdesk again.
  4. Internal Moderation is scheduled every two week on the POE’s as part of the verification process.
  5. Every month (4 weeks) a request for verification is submitted to the ETDP SETA in JHB with a list of names of all the POE’s.
  6. The ETDP SETA in JHB will notify us of any available verification dates, that might be between 1 to 6 weeks in the future. (according to their availability. )
  7. Once the Verification visit was completed, the learner POE is uploaded in their DATA LINK. The PDF copy of the Statement of Results is normally generated 24 hours after uploading in the system and returned to us.
  8. Once TRAINYOUCAN received the PDF copy, are we allowed to generate the Certificate as per the ETDP Policy.
  9. Learner is notified by SMS and email on the same day we received notification back from the ETDP SETA.
  10. Learners will be able to respond to the ticket with instructions to either collect their POE or request for postal deliveries.


  1. Training Providers who offer POE building in the class is agents the ETDP SETA’s policy and procedure and must be report immediately to the the ETDP SETA in Johannesburg. (Learners who build their complete POE in the classroom while receiving the learning). There should be a clear break between delivery and workplace experience.
  2. Training Providers who guarantee the issue of the Certificate or Statement of Results on completion date of the course does not follow the ETDP SETA’s policies and could be de-registered. The ETDP SETA have a very strict policy regarding certification. No certificate may be generated by the Training Provider without the Statement of Results received to confirm the process was completed.
  3. Training Providers who offer courses and especially RPL Qualifications where no support or learning was offered should also be report to the ETDP SETA or the relevant SETA. Part of the any Training Providers accreditation process deal with the learner supporting structures. The relevant SETA will only be able to follow-up on this process if this was reported to the ETQA department.


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