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Functions of the Setas

The Seta functions were governed by the functions outlined in the legislation. These were stated as:

a) develop a sector skills plan within the framework of the national skills development strategy

b) implement its sector skills plan by

i     establishing learnerships

ii    approving workplace skills plans

iii   allocating  grants  in  the  prescribed manner  to  employers, education and  training providers and workers; and

iv   monitoring education and training in the sector

c)   promote learnerships by

i     identifying workplaces for practical work experience

ii    supporting the development of learning materials

iii      improving the facilitation of learning; and

iv   assisting in the conclusion of learnership agreements

d) register learnership agreements

e) perform  any  functions Occupations (QCTO) delegated  to  it  by  the  Quality  Council  for Trades  and

f) collect and disburse the skills development levies in its sector g)  liaise with the National Skills Authority on

i     the national skills development policy

ii    the national skills development strategy; and iii its sector skills plan

I) report to the Director-General on

i     any budgets, reports and financial statements on its income and expenditure that it is required to prepare in terms of the Public Finance Management Act

ii    strategic plans and reports on the implementation of its service level agreement

j)         liaise  with  the  provincial offices  and  labour  centres  of  the  Department and  any

education body established under any law regulating education in the Republic to improve information

i     about employment opportunities

ii    between education and training providers and the labour market

iii   liaise with the skills development forums established in each province

j)            appoint staff necessary for the performance of its functions; and

i     promote the national standard established

ii    liaise with the QCTO regarding occupational qualifications

k) perform any other duties imposed by this Act or consistent with the purposes of this Act.

In summary, the Setas have four main functions:

  • To disburse grants in terms of the levy grant scheme
  • To register providers, assessors, moderators and verifiers of education and training
  • To support the sector to meet skills needs
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