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Learning Programme Design

Learning Programme Design


When planning programmes, an English department/faculty needs to have at its fingertips a comprehensive analysis of the diverse learning needs of the students concerned. Although quite different programmes may answer the purpose, all effective programmes in senior English:

  • are designed to address student needs
  • are coherent and have meaning for students
  • support a broad vision and goals (these may be school-wide goals or relate to community, special character, curriculum concepts, competencies, values, etc)
  • include content and contexts that students will connect with their wider lives
  • facilitate collaborative learning
  • offer students an element of choice
  • are tied into appropriate curriculum objectives
  • generate authentic opportunities for assessment
  • set up assessment so that it will inform further learning.

“In curriculum planning there needs to be emphasis on skills for our future society. These should include much greater emphasis on information technology, new forms of work, multicultural and globalised society and business, and environmental issues. Because the rate of change is now so great, these issues need to be reflected in current secondary and tertiary curriculum. They need to reflect changes in work patterns and philosophies, the growing cultural pluralism of our society, our increasing focus on Asian markets, and environmental and technological changes.” 

Developing learning programmes is an essential skill for outcomes-based assessors and educators. This course provides the framework for designing programmes right from the inception of learning outcomes through to the creation and evaluation of the learning programme. A crucial part of programme development is designing programmes according to defined learning needs by analysing and designing programmes accordingly. This course focuses on designing and developing programmes tailor-made to accommodate different learning needs.


  • Course Description: Learning Programme Design (Delivered in the form of a workshop – accredited course 5 days)
  • Accredited:  NO. The training provider and the facilitators is however accredited, but not this course.
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Hidden fees: None
  • Certificate: Certificate of attendance unless otherwise stated.
  • Activities/Assessment: Learners are required to apply skills and knowledge obtained on the course in the workplace. The facilitator will incorporate 70% practicality by means of examples, activities and role-plays during the contact session. Learners will receive a learner guide which will guide them thorough the process.

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BOOKINGS: Book online through our booking site here.



DAY 1:

  • Understanding of the NQF Framework.-Understanding the SAQA website. (Searching of unit standards)-Understanding Unit Standards.
  • Analysing the Unit Standard and creating the matrix.
  • Creating the Facilitators Guide-Creating the Learner Guide

DAY 2:

  • Creating the workbook
  • Creating the Assessment Guide
  • Review of processes.

Day 3: (Optional)

  • Review of your completed learning programme for evaluation.
  • Prepare for SETA approval.


  • Training Manager
  • Mentors & Coaches
  • HR Persons
  • Managers who need to assess their staff
  • Persons with no formal experience of the SETA and the NQF
  • Recruitment Staff
  • Learning material developers looking to enhance their programmes
  • Anyone else who can benefit from assessment methodologies
  • New training providers applying for accreditation
  • Employers running learnerships
  • Programme Designers
  • Training Providers
  • SETA Staff
  • External moderators
  • Verrifiers


  • Minimum of 14 days workplace experience in the workplace. (part time or full time)
  • Basic communication skills (English = reading and writing skills on a NQF level 1 (Grace 8 or higher))
  • Able to attend the contact session and any of our workshops offered.

Learner preparation for the contact session (Classroom Training)


  • Attending the full contact session. (Classroom Session)
  • Copy of ID document
  • Pen and paper.


  1. Enrol as a learner with Trainyoucan by completing the application form. (PDF document or the online enrolment)
  2. Attend the contact session with Trainyoucan.
  3. We provide you with all the learning material that you need.
  4. Certification (Attendance) on completion.


We offer corporate packages on site to reduce the cost and make training more affordable. Our corporate packages work as follows:

  1. You provide the venue – you safe money!
  2. We provide the Facilitator – you only pay the daily Facilitator rate!
    • Facilitator daily rate: R1200 Inc.
    • Administration and booking fee: R1200 Inc. (once off price)
    • Delegate manual and certificate: R65 per person Inc.
    • Travelling: only outside urban areas where specified.
  3. Set price of R65 per manual and certificate or each person attending.
  4. Deposit 50% required as confirmation of the course and 50% on completion (last day).

Terms of agreement:

  • The employer provide the venue.
    • Where possible we require we request U-Shape or Boardroom style.
    • Employer to indicate if flipchart is available. (TRAINYOUCAN will provide where not possible)
  • The employer provide refreshments (teas on arrival, morning and afternoon) – Where not possible TRAINYOUCAN will make arrangements.
  • Catering – this is totally dependent on the employer/organisations internal policies and procedures.
  • Session start: All sessions will be starting 8h30 in the morning until 16h00 unless otherwise communicated.
  • TRAINYOUCAN will provide an SETA Accredited Facilitator with the scope to deliver the required programmes for the duration of the course.
  • Maximum of 12 delegates per class requested.
  • Request brief outline or training needs/gap from the employer/organisation to assist Facilitators in addressing special needs during the training sessions.
  • Bookings and arrangements can be confirmed directly with the Facilitators however all bookings and payments will be accepted on a valid invoice from our accounts department.
  • Payment Request: Strictly on invoice only!


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