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QCTO: Work Based Learning and Development Practitioner.

This new QCTO Occupation Qualifications will replace the old Assessors  course in June 2018.

Mayor changes that will affect you:

  • You will no longer be able to enroll for the old unit standards after June 2018.
  • Difference in credits. (Your old certificate will not expire.)
  • Your certificate will not be issued by the SETA, but the QCTO.
  • You must complete the Knowledge, Practical + Workplace experience through the Training Provider.
  • You will write a final assessment with an EISA (External Integrated Summative Assessment Centre) before the credits will be issued.

Title: Work Based Learning and Development Practitioner, NQF Level 5, Credits 30

Purpose: A Work Based Learning and Development Practitioner plan for, conduct and administer work based learning interventions.

Entry Requirements: NQF level 4 with Communication (Equal to reading and writing skills of a matriculate.)

Approved Body: QCTO (Moved over from the SETAs)


  • Knowledge estimated 5 days.
  • Practical estimated 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Workplace estimated 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Excluding final assessment with the EISA Centre.

Who should attend: Any person planning on developing accredited learning material.

TRAINYOUCAN Supporting Structures:

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  • Extended support up to 24 months.
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Applicable Modules (Rules of Combination)

Knowledge Modules:
• 242401001-KM-04, Facilitation of learning in an occupational contexts, NQF Level 5, Credits 8
• 242401001-KM-07, Work based learning, NQF Level 5, Credits 6

Practical Skill Modules:
• 242401001-PM-05, Facilitate experiential work based learning, NQF Level 5, Credits 8

This qualification also requires the following Work Experience Modules:
• 242401001-WM-05, Facilitate a work based learning and development process, NQF Level 5, Credits 8


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